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What’s Inside The Dessert Museum Manila

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The Dessert Museum Manila pin

Located at the S Maison Mall in the Conrad Hotel Manila, The Dessert Museum first opened its doors in February 2018 and has since been on every avid Instagrammer’s bucket list. Naturally, my family and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. And with my little girl in tow, we had another excuse to indulge ourselves with an hour of sweet play!

The Dessert Museum Manila

Address: Unit 124, 126, 127a, S Maison, Coral Way, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Last tickets are sold by 8:00 PM). Timeslots are every 15 minutes starting at 10:15 AM.
Website: The Dessert Museum

Tours were advertised to approximately last for about 2 hours but in our case, since there are only about three other groups during our timeslot, we finished touring the museum in about an hour. You will be given a digital bracelet that would keep track of the desserts you have already availed as you go around the museum. Sorry, no second servings!

The first room is the Donut Hole where you can go down the stairs, or a more fun option, slide down the room. And once you’re inside, you’ll see that it’s raining donuts in this room!

Dessert Museum Manila donut rain

This is where you get your first dessert. During our visit, it’s a choice between a white chocolate-covered mini donut and or a dark chocolate-covered brownie. Drinks are not included in the ticket price but you can always buy it from the dessert stations. You’ll definitely need one as you eat your way through the museum.

The next room is the soft and fluffy Marshmallow Room. This time, the room is raining marshmallows and towards the end is the licorice rainbow.

Dessert Museum Manila marshmallow room

The dessert offered here is a chocolate-dipped marshmallow. Simple and yet that vanilla chocolate was heavenly. The yellow one was banana-flavored and unfortunately, none of us wanted to try it.

Next is the Candy Cane Groves where you finally get to play a little bit!

Dessert Museum Manila candy room

There’s this pink/blue candy cane seesaw which seemed to be split perfectly in half. There’s also a little swing set in this room and some lip-shaped decors.

Dessert Museum Manila candy seesaw

Now, this Ice Cream Room is filled not only with a giant cone for your photo session but with a ball pit too! There’s a mini basketball ring on the side if you’re feeling a bit playful.

I love FIC ice cream so I was pretty excited when I saw that this is what they were handing out in the Ice Cream Room. Just be careful of the Choco-Chili Flavor though. It’s definitely not for everyone!

Dessert Museum Manila free FIC ice cream

The Bubble Gum Room is the next dessert station but there wasn’t much to do here because unfortunately, you can’t go inside this giant gumball machine (under maintenance). It could have been a fun experience if we had been let inside.

Next is the Gummy Bear Room. Not much on here either except for a balloon-filled bathtub for your IG photos!

Dessert Museum Manila gummy bear

The Cotton Candy Room is the one I am most excited to see but it turned out to be a disappointment. It did not look like cotton candy at all!

More like.. well, see for yourself.

Except for that cute little girl, the Cotton Candy Room looked like a cotton ball mess! And I’m pretty sure it’s not just my bad photography skills.

Fortunately, a perfect cotton candy ball of fluff made up for the less than pretty surroundings and sad-looking cotton candy displays.

The last room is the Cake Room where you can sit on a cake pop ala wrecking ball. Or just enjoy a few throws of cake pop balls.

Dessert Museum Manila basketball

And just like any proper museum, after the tour, you’ll end up in a souvenir shop. Lots of cute trinkets and candies on sale!

My Review:

I had such high expectations when I first entered The Dessert Museum Manila so when we left the place, I felt like I didn’t get my money’s worth.

For a walk-in price of PhP799.00 (PhP699.00 if you booked through their official website), I did get to enjoy 7 sweet treats: a chocolate covered mini donut, a marshmallow dipped in white vanilla chocolate, surprise egg chocolate (or one of those cheap looking toys that have colored candies inside, a cup of FIC ice cream, a cookie pop, a cotton candy and lastly, a cake pop. Yes, 7 is a lot, but if you are advertising a “one-of-a-kind tasting experience”, patrons would expect a “one-of-a-kind tasting experience”. The donuts and cake pops were obviously not freshly made. The surprise egg isn’t even the Kinder brand. And so with the exception of the FIC ice cream and the perfectly-rounded cotton candy, the rest of the desserts were just blah.

I also feel that there was an incredible opportunity that was completely missed when the place was conceptualized. It is called a museum after all, and albeit they advertised it as a “different kind of museum”, they still could have offered more. Desserts are more than just candies, ice creams, donuts and marshmallow. I wish they had taken advantage of every inch of the place by displaying all sorts of candies and desserts (real or not) or painted over some of the boring plain walls, and maybe a section on the history of sugar and sweets and its popularity.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the concept. It’s an Instagrammable Museum that’s basically a photo studio. I just wish that there’s more to offer than just a backdrop for your photos so that you’ll keep coming back.

And lastly, some of the rooms could use a facelift (I’m looking at you Cotton Candy room!) and some serious TLC.

Dessert Museum Manila cake pops

So, will I go back?

Maybe not. I think one photo op experience at The Dessert Museum for me is enough. However, if you’ve never been and wanted to experience The Dessert Museum for yourself, I’m not going to stop you. It is still a unique experience that you can only find in Manila and you may possibly enjoy it more than I did. It is an Instagrammable Museum so make sure to bring your best bud who takes your best photos!

My only suggestion is to book your tickets in advance to get a better deal on the entrance fee. You can book your ticket here via Klook and you can save as much as P250.00 off the ticket price. We went on a Saturday afternoon and there was absolutely no line and no crowd so really, you don’t have to worry about the timeslots. You can book your Klook tickets right then and there.

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