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14 Cute Gift Ideas for the Ultimate FRIENDS Fan

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To say that I am a FRIENDS fan is an understatement. It’s more of an obsession! It all started back in high school (don’t mind my age) when I would religiously watch the weekly episodes and collected Video CDs (pre-DVD era) of the show. I could watch the series from start to finish over and over again without ever getting bored. It’s my go-to show! It’s gotten to the point that I’ve memorized the lines and could even make out the scenes in my head just by listening. If you are on this page, I’m pretty sure you’re a FRIENDSaholic too! And you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Thanks to Netflix (and soon HBO MAX), hardcore FRIENDS fans like us can continue on with our obsession. The show recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) broke Instagram by posting a recent selfie with the gang. So you see, it’s highly likely that we will still have them around for a very long time.

So if you’re collecting memorabilia from the show, looking for gift ideas for a fellow fan or just want something to show your love for the show, I hope you find something in this list!

14 Cute Gift Ideas for the Ultimate FRIENDS Fan


1. Central Perk Coffee Mug
Wouldn’t you love to sip your hot coffee with this Central Perk mug? Or you can get this clear tumbler with handle.


2. Peephole Frame (and keychain)
This may just be the most perfect house warming gift!


3. The One With All The Recipes: An Unofficial Cookbook For Fans of FRIENDS
Rachel’s infamous Thanksgiving Trifle is not on the book, but would you really want to eat that if it tastes like feet? Fortunately, there’s a lot of recipes on the book inspired by the show that’s a lot more appetizing than eating a sweet trifle with beef sauteed with peas and onion. This book is exactly what you need for a FRIENDS theme party.


4. Mental Perk: A FRIENDS Quiz Book
Here’s a great idea for a fun game night. Just don’t bet the apartment!


5. FRIENDS Charm Bracelet
The cutest charm bracelet ever!


6. FRIENDS Central Perk Black Lanyard
Wear the FRIENDS fan badge all the time.

 7. Set of FRIENDS stickers
This set of stickers is incredibly cheap but are actually of good quality. There’s one or two among them that seemed out of place but overall still a good buy.


8. Central Perk Wall Vinyl Mural
The magic of FRIENDS is very much alive and I’m still amazed at how many of the young ones became converted fans of the show. If you have a teenager in the house who loves the show, this might be a nice addition to their room!


9. FRIENDS Pattern Insulated Tumbler 24oz
I collect a few city/landmarks tumblers but I wouldn’t mind adding this to my collection. Or even this coffee cup travel mug. 10. Peephole Frame Keychain
It comes in a nice box too!


 11. The One With The Colors: Colored Pencils
Adorable gift for friends who like to draw.


12. Central Perk Graphic T-Shirt
Cute tee for casual wear.

 13. Peephole PopSocket
The cutest accessory for your mobile phone.


14. FRIENDS Monopoly
A FRIENDS-themed Monopoly?! I know what I’m giving myself for Christmas!


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