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A Self-Guided Walking Tour the Vatican City and Historic Centre of Rome

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Our third day in Rome was a Sunday, so our first stop for the day is the Vatican City to attend the Angelus presided by Pope Francis.

The nearest metro station from our Airbnb apartment is Barberini and right outside the station is this beautiful fountain, the Fontana del Tritone, by the Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Rome Airbnb Review Spanish Steps Luxury Apartment nearest station Barberini #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Fontana del Tritone (located outside the Barberini Metro Station)

How to get to the Vatican City by Metro:
Take the Metro Line A and get off at Ottaviano metro station. From the metro station, it’s about a 10-minute walk to St. Peter’s Square.

We arrived at the Ottaviano station around 11:00 AM and there are a lot of people heading in the same direction. There are also some gift shops in the area selling rosaries and other Vatican City souvenirs.

Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Vatican City St Peter's Square #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Saint Peter’s Square
Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome St Peter Basilica #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Saint Peter’s Basilica

There were people singing, waving their country’s flags and everyone was just eagerly waiting to see and hear the Holy Father. The mere opening of the window earned cheers from the crowd. The Angelus prayer started at exactly 12:00NN, after which the Pope greeted and gave his Apostolic Blessing to all the Catholic devotees in attendance.

The Pope delivers his Angelus address in Italian. An English translation is available on the Vatican website a few days after.

There is also a weekly gathering commonly known as General Audience or Papal Audience (every Wednesday). Unfortunately, the week that we were in Rome, Wednesday was All Souls’ Day so there was no schedule for the Papal Audience. Maybe next time.

Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Vatican City Papal Blessing #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Pope Francis II

It was cloudy that day and rained a little but the faithful see it as another blessing from the heavens.

Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Vatican City Angelus #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome

Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Vatican City Papal Blessing Angelus #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Papal Blessing

The Papal Blessing ended at 12:18 PM. We decided to go to Piazza Navona (and maybe grab lunch on the way).

It’s a 15-minute walk to Piazza Navona, passing by several trattorias and interesting side streets.

Walk to Piazza Navona from Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II:

Ponte Vittorio to Piazza Navona #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome

Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Piazza Navona #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Piazza Navona
Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Fontana del Moro #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Fontana del Moro

Out of the many restaurants Centro Storico, we ended up eating at Mcdonald’s. Let me just say that Mcdonald’s in Italy serves the best fast food salad (fresh lettuce and arugula, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan cheese shaving, balsamic vinaigrette and served with grissini). We also ate these yummy Pistachio Cookies from Antico Forno La Stelletta.

Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Pistacchio cookies #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Bocconcini Al Pistacchio

Address: Via della Scrofa angolo Via della Stelletta, 33, 00186 Roma, Italy

Walk to Antico Forno La Stelletta from Piazza Navona:

Piazza Navona to Antico Forno La Steletta #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome

A short 5-minute walk from Piazza Navona is Roma’s Pantheon.

Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Pantheon #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
The Pantheon
Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Piazza della Rotunda #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Piazza della Rotonda

The Oculus is the main source of light for the Pantheon.

Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Pantheon dome #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome

Entrance to the Pantheon was free at the time we visited. Beginning May this year, they will begin charging 2 Euros per person. The revenue from this fee will help maintain one of Rome’s important monuments.

Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Pantheon entrance #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome

Walk to Pantheon from Piazza Navona:

Piazza Navona to Pantheon#Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome

Another 10-minute walk took us to Rome’s popular Piazza Venezia.

Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Piazza Venezia #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Piazza Venezia

And right in front of us is the Altar of the Fatherland.

Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Monument Vittorio Emmanuel #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II
Italy Travel Historical Centre Rome Biblioteca di Archeologia #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome
Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell’Arte

Walk to Piazza Venezia from the Pantheon:

Pantheon to Piazza Venezia #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome

At this point, we decided to head back to our apartment passing by the Trevi Fountain.

Walk to the Trevi Fountain from Piazza Venezia:

Piazza Venezia to Trevi Fountain #Rometravel #Rometravelguide #Romanvacation #mustseeinRome

After dinner at the apartment, we head back out to Via dei Condotti for a nice evening stroll.

Fontana del MoroWe capped off the day with some hot chocolate and tiramisu at Cafeteria Antica Roma.

Although we did enjoy the hot chocolate and tiramisu, I think it was a bit expensive. A lot of the online reviews think this place is a tourist trap, so try at your own risk.

This concludes our third day in Rome. Walking is indeed the best way to explore the Eternal City! There we many shops and interesting things to see along the way. Make sure you are wearing a good pair of rubber or walking shoes. I hope the maps will help you plan your own walking tour of the Historical Centre of Rome.

You can always book a Best of Rome Walking Tour if you prefer to have a guide with you.

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