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Quebec City Airbnb Review: Beautiful House by the Chaudiere River 3bd/2ba

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I’ve been dreaming about visiting Quebec City since I watched the popular k-drama Goblin. Fans like me fell in love not only with the story and characters but also with the picturesque and quaint Old Quebec Town. There’s something very romantic in this predominantly French-speaking province in Canada. It is especially popular during Christmas time as a true-to-life Winter Wonderland.

We’ve thought about taking the train from Toronto and even considered booking a flight going to Quebec. Since there was six of us and about 9 pieces of luggage with us, we knew that driving was the cheapest and most convenient option. Flying would cost as much as our 2-week car rental and taking the train would take the same travel time.

One of the things that we like about our Richmond Hill Airbnb is that it is right by Hwy 407. From Hwy 407 E, take Hwy 404 S on to Ontario 401 Express (changes to Autoroute 20 E) which goes straight to Quebec Region. The drive is approximately 7.5 hours, without stops and traffic so if you are planning to take the drive to Quebec City, consider staying for at least a couple of nights to make it worth your while.

We left the house around 7:00 AM, had a couple of bathroom and food breaks, and finally settled on Mcdonald’s for a late lunch around 3:00 PM. It was mostly an uneventful drive but we did enjoy the scenery. Fall was on its peak colors and everywhere around us where shades of brown, red and orange, which was just lovely.

Finally, we arrived at our Airbnb by 4:30 PM so that’s about 9.5 hours of driving including rest stops.

Let me just say, that this Quebec City Airbnb right by the Chaudiere River is absolutely beautiful! It really felt like a vacation home and from the moment that we entered, we were instantly charmed.

I mean, look at this view!

A view from the Airbnb's backyard, the Chaudiere River.
A view from the Airbnb’s backyard, the Chaudiere River.

I had messaged the Airbnb host of our ETA and he prepared a little something when we arrived. We entered the home and was welcomed by the fragrance of essential oils while music was playing in the background. Talk about a 5-star experience! Everybody was impressed and pleased with our home for the next four nights. And because we already brought some food with us, there wasn’t even a need to go out anymore. Finally, we get some time to rest.

Actually, we still, went out that night for a sneak peek of the famed Chateau Frontenac and Old Town.

But first, let’s take a tour of the home.

From the entryway, the first area you’ll pass by is the kitchen. The kitchen is well-stocked with just about anything you need. The host had told us that we can use or eat anything that we see in the kitchen and pantry. We only used the basic condiments when we prepared our dinner but we still appreciated the kindness and generosity of our host.

The living area is probably my favorite space in the house. If it was summer, it probably would have been the backyard but it was too cold to stay out so we all just settled by the sofa and watched Netflix, all while enjoying the view of the Chaudiere River.

The master bedroom is located on the second floor and has its own toilet and shower. This was where my aunt had settled in.

Master’s Bedroom

My husband, daughter and I used the bedroom on the main floor, that’s right next to the second bathroom. It was small but enough for a short stay.

Main Floor Bedroom

My sisters used the basement bedroom which was well-lit and also nicely decorated. The laundry room is also in the basement.

Basement Bedroom

As I’ve mentioned, it was too cold to stay out so we didn’t really get to hang outside for long except when we used the grill for dinner and of course, to take pictures and enjoy the views of the Chaudiere River. It even snowed on our last day in Quebec City, right in the middle of Fall.

This Airbnb would have been a perfect vacation home in the summer. I’m pretty sure nobody would pass up a chance to chill and relax in the jacuzzi with the perfect view.


Location: (4/5)

The house is located outside Quebec City, in a nice and quiet neighborhood, and it’s about a 30-minute drive to Old Quebec. Rush hour traffic is common but it’s tolerable. Despite the distance, we absolutely welcome the drive because of the scenic views. As it says on the Airbnb listing, it is right by the Chaudiere River but there’s no access to the river itself, for safety reasons.

I’m giving it 4 out of 5 just because it’s not exactly in Quebec City, it’s actually in Levis. But then again, it’s an easy drive to Quebec City’s top tourist spots so it’s really a matter of preference if you want to stay close to the main area or don’t mind the distance.

Cleanliness: (4/5)

The house is clean per se but not as sparkly clean as our stay in our Airbnb in Toronto.

I don’t know if it’s maybe because the house is by the river or if the room we occupied was not cleaned well enough but we couldn’t get rid of a slight musty smell inside the room. It’s not a big deal but it might bother you if you’re staying a bit longer.

To be fair, the host had set up an essential oil diffuser by the kitchen table, which was running when we first set foot in the house. So that’s certainly something you could use if the smell bothers you, which honestly isn’t a big deal.

Amenities: (5/5)

The house is equipped with all the necessary amenities and the host had also generously offered anything we could find in the pantry or refrigerator as free to eat/use. Everything you need for cooking is available in the kitchen, including an outdoor grill which we used despite the very cold weather. The loft bedroom has its own toilet and bath while the bedroom basement and the one on the main floor share a bathroom. The only issue we had with the bathroom was that we weren’t exactly sure how to take a shower without drenching the walls, the picture frame; basically the whole bathroom. And the door to the bathroom is opaque which could make some family members feel awkward when they do their business inside.

Family-Friendly: (4/5)

The house has three bedrooms which means it could comfortably accommodate our group of 5 adults and 1 child. Design-wise, it is not a family home but more like a bachelor’s pad or romantic getaway home. To be fair with the host, he made it clear from the start that there are certain things we need to be aware of especially since we were traveling with a child. The main concern is the design of the staircase. It didn’t have any glass barrier, and a crawling toddler could easily fit and fall in the gap. We remedied this by blocking the gap using our luggage and of course, by making sure that someone watches over the child at all times.

Airbnb Host: (5/5)

I have nothing but praise for Eric. He is a wonderful Airbnb host who responded to our inquiries and concerns promptly and had a welcome gift waiting for us when we checked in. There was an incident where he asked us (just in case we’re in the house) to wait for someone who needed to pick up something from the house. And although we couldn’t wait for that person because of our sightseeing schedule, Eric gave us a complimentary bottle of wine for the inconvenience even though we were not really inconvenienced in any way at all!

I love this spot!

Value for Money: (5/5)

It is a little pricey compared to the other Airbnbs we’ve rented in the past but I honestly feel that the rates matched the expectations.

Overall Experience: (5/5)

It really is a beautiful home with stunning views of the Chaudiere River. The small issues we had were dissolved into nothing because of how much we enjoyed our stay and the hospitality of our Airbnb host. Personally, I think that this is the perfect Airbnb for couples looking for a romantic getaway while in Quebec City.

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