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3D Paper Puzzles from Daiso (And Where to Buy Online)

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My family and I took a mini trip to Osaka, Japan last May and one of our usual shopping stop for cute souvenir and stationery items is Daiso. Now, we do have local Daiso shops in the Philippines, which I also frequent, but Daiso stores in their motherland are so much bigger, carry more products, and are actually cheaper.

My most favorite Daiso find for this trip is these 3D paper puzzles! For only a dollar each, there are different variations that you can build. I’ve been thinking about picking up a new hobby, and building a miniature dollhouse sounds like my kind of fun. So when I saw these paper puzzles, I knew that I had to buy them and try. These were, of course, a beginner level puzzle. Actually, not even. Kids would have a blast building and playing with this as it is so easy and quick to build.

There are two brands of these 3D paper puzzles at Daiso. These were the ones that came in plastic packaging and are stand-alone retail shops:

And these were the ones that came in box packaging:

The instructions on how to build are just a tiny bit different from each other, but basically, you just match the flap to the corresponding hole number. It’s very easy to build and each set can be finished in less than 10 minutes. The board is thick enough to hold its position, but a little care should still be given when handling so as not to tear the paper or bend it. It may be best to use a crafting glue to hold the pieces in place.

The ones that came in a box has a wall partition to each room and can be stacked on top of each other to create a dollhouse. 

These were the only variations that I saw in Daiso and you bet that I purchased them all. There are actually quite a few 3D Paper Puzzles that you can buy online ranging from beginner to expert levels. Here are some beginner level puzzles if you want to try it out:


1. Ice Cream Truck


2. Cityscape


3. Eiffel Tower


4. Magic Windmill Dollhouse


And here are some that have been on my wishlist for a while and more of an expert/hobbyist level:

1. Harry Potter Weasley Family Home



2. Simon’s Coffee


3. Dora’s Loft


4. Greenhouse


5. Library


6. Paris Coffee & Cake Shop


7. Cake Shop


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