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Guam Travel: Royal Orchid Hotel Review

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We recently needed to stay at a hotel in Guam for a few days and being budget-conscious, we looked at several less than $100 hotel options in the area. Unfortunately, we needed it at a time when there was a rush of tourists coming into Guam, and most of the hotels that I was looking at weeks before were all of a sudden fully booked. There were very few options left, and we were forced to split our booking to one night at the Days Inn Guam and three nights at the Royal Orchid Hotel. Here’s my review of the Royal Orchid Hotel in Guam.

Hotel Front Desk is located on the Second Floor of the Building

Location: (4.5/5)

Although the Royal Orchid Hotel is located in the less busy part of Tumon, it is still in an ideal location. Beach access is just across the street, Kmart is within a 10-minute walking distance, and there’s an ABC store a few steps away. The best part is that there are plenty of decent restaurant options in the area. The hotel itself has Tony Roma’s and Capricciosa in the building. There’s also Jamaican Grill, Shogun (teppanyaki), Thunder Chicken, Von’s Chicken, Beachin’ Shrimp, Hokkaido Ramen House, plus a few karaoke and night bars within the vicinity. The hotel is also just across the street to Pacific Islands Club, Guam’s largest waterpark.

Also, another advantage location-wise is that the free shopping shuttle service and the Red Guahan Trolley both have a stop at this hotel going to the direction of Tumon Sands Plaza and DFS-Galleria. Across the street is the bus stop going to Guam Premier Outlets, a popular outlet mall in Guam that houses brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and the big discount chain, Ross Dress for Less.

Room: (3.5/5)

We were given an Oceanview room on the 5th floor, which was a nice surprise because I knew that I only booked a Cityview Room. We, however, couldn’t fully enjoy the view because it seemed that it has been years since they last cleaned the outside of the windows.

The room is very spacious and could easily accommodate up to four guests. The room furniture and fixtures are a little outdated but still functional. The bathroom has a walk-in closet, a toilet with a sliding door partition, a big bathtub and a separate shower area. Just like the room, it could use a bit of facelift.

Like Days Inn Guam, the room is equipped with the most basic amenities. The toiletries provided were shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and a dental hygiene kit. A plus point in my book is the availability of microwave inside the room, apart from the usual electronic kettle and mini-refrigerator. There are also two complimentary bottles of water and instant coffee and tea.

The TV has cable but very few channels and the ones that broadcast English shows go on a loop every few minutes. There’s nothing interesting enough to watch, I couldn’t even use my Chromecast because of the poor internet connection.


Hotel Facilities: (2.5/5)

My main complaint was the hotel’s slow and unreliable wifi connection. In this day and age where guests expect high-speed internet connection, it was disappointing to find a hotel who couldn’t provide this service. I was hoping to catch up on my blogging work but could only do tasks that do not rely heavily on internet connection. We were given a wifi password upon check in to connect to their network which proved to be hard. I couldn’t even get to the login page and on the few instances that I was able to, the slow connection only lasted for a few minutes and then I get disconnected again. By the second night, I had already given up and would just connect to my husband’s data. On our last night when we did our laundry and had to use the dryer on the 7th floor (Executive Floor), we were not only able to connect to the network with ease, it was also fast! What’s up with that, Royal Orchid? Was that intentional?

There is a laundry room located on the 6th floor. We used the washer for $2 but the dryers were out of order. We were told that we can use the dryers on the 7th floor, and it turned out that the laundry machines were free on that floor. Both laundry rooms look like it hasn’t been cleaned for a while and well, it felt creepy to stay and wait for our laundry at the very end of the hallway. I wish they had installed a couple of washers and dryers on each floor instead to make it accessible for all hotel guests.

There is also a swimming pool and a fitness gym on the 6th floor. And just like everything else in the hotel, both could use a little renovation and upgrade.

Service (3/5)

My only interaction with their staff is during check-in/check-out and once with their housekeeping staff, and they were all forgettable. Nothing special or extraordinary, just simple courteous interaction with their staff.

There’s no other way to say this, but the hotel’s public areas especially the hallways, felt and looked dirty. It seems that the carpeting hasn’t been vacuumed for months and you can literally dust bunnies forming on the sides. The feeling though may also have something to do with the very dark lighting in the hallways and the chipped and fading paint on the walls.

Our room was cleaned only once during our 3-night stay. On the first day, housekeeping knocked at 9:00 AM while we were sleeping and since we don’t want to go out yet, we were asked to sign a piece of paper stating that we don’t want our room cleaned. Shouldn’t they just come back at a later time? The second day nobody came at all. On the third day, someone did clean our room. Garbage was disposed of, towels were re-arranged and probably a little sweeping was done. But any other obvious trash that was on the tables were left untouched.

Royal Gift Mart at the Ground Floor of the Building
Royal Gift Mart at the Ground Floor of the Building

Value for Money: (4/5)

Given the location, quality of the rooms and the overall experience, I’d say that their rates are just about right. You shouldn’t expect anything fancy at all, just a basic room with basic amenities for a quick stay on the island.

Overall Experience: (3/5)

I am honestly at a loss why the management of Royal Orchid Hotel Guam, who’s got so much potential in drawing guests and revenue, would let their service and facilities deteriorate over time. It may not be beach-front but the location is still a convenient home base for tourists and that alone is a huge advantage. They are either short-staffed, no supervisor or manager to check for quality or they just didn’t care at all.

The interiors of the building look run-down. The hallways are dusty and dirty, especially near the fire exit. The Executive Floor doesn’t look any better. I can only hope that the guests who paid extra to get an Executive Room at least had better condition rooms, extra amenities, attentive service, and fast wifi.

The only plus point in staying at this hotel is its location, and maybe the view. Had they placed us in a Cityview room, which was my actual reservation, I would be even more disappointed with this hotel choice. For the same rates, I am much happier with Days Inn by Wyndham. The lack of a good internet connection is one of my biggest drivers on why I would not choose to stay here again.

I get the saying “You get what you pay for” but do they seriously not make any effort at all? Are the owners and management of Royal Orchid Hotel Guam satisfied and contented with giving out cheap rates and mediocre over-all experience to match? They need major renovations and upgrading asap!

My recommendation is that if you can spare a little bit more for accommodations, you are better off choosing another hotel that’s in Tumon or if you really want to stay on a budget, might as well book a night at Days Inn Hotel by Wyndham and take advantage of their free shuttle service or rent a car during your stay. To be fair though, the rooms at the Royal Orchid Hotel Guam don’t look that bad nor was it dirty. It’s as expected given the location and the rate we paid for. But it could use a facelift to make it more pleasing to the eyes. I wouldn’t mind staying here for a few days as long as I don’t spend the majority of my time inside the room and will only use it to rest and sleep.


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