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San Jung Korean Restaurant Guam

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We are less than a month away from our Seoul family trip, but my husband and I couldn’t wait to eat a little preview of some really good Korean food. We have tried a few Korean restaurants here in Guam but the one that we liked the most is San Jung Korean Restaurant located at Harmon Industrial Park.

San Jung Korean Restaurant Guam

San Jung Korean Restaurant Guam dining

San Jung Korean Restaurant Guam board

San Jung Korean Restaurant Guam menu

My husband and I love Korean food (and K-dramas!). We like eating Samgyeopsal or any grilled meat, but since it’s something that you can easily prepare (few ingredients, no prep time) and eat at home, we usually skip that on the menu and order something else instead.

San Jung Korean Restaurant Guam menu

Our go-to dish whenever we crave Korean food is Osam Bulgogi, which is spicy pork and squid. Because we love this dish so much, I have actually attempted cooking Osam Bulgogi at home. It requires a little bit of preparation but the actual cooking process is simple. I may need to revisit that recipe so I can share it on this blog soon.

San Jung Korean Restaurant Guam food
Osam Bulgogi and banchan

What we like about eating Korean restaurant dining is all the banchan (side dishes). No Korean meal is complete without the banchan They are not just appetizers or condiments, they are part of the meal itself. No need to worry about it running out because the side dishes are refillable. And every side dish in San Jung is delicious!

There are some restaurants that would require you to order a certain number of main dish, depending on the number of people in your group, before they give you refillable banchan. Or else you pay an additional fee to have it refilled. I have encountered this “rule” at least twice in Manila but so far, we have not been restricted in refilling our banchan (we usually order just one dish – good for 2-3 servings) at Korean restaurants here in Guam.  All the more reason to eat great Korean food!

Our little one enjoyed her own plate of rice and soup (complimentary) and the regular (not spicy) banchan. What makes dining at San Jung extra special is the grandma or halmeoni (할머니) running the restaurant. She clearly loves children and would always greet and play with our daughter whenever we eat there.

San Jung Korean Restaurant Guam Osam Bulgogi and banchan

Yes, we finished all the food on this picture, and even asked for a second (and third) serving of the banchan. For less than $30, we had a really good meal! We will certainly come back here soon for more!

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