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20 Space-Saving Hacks For A Small Apartment

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When my family first moved into our studio apartment, it didn’t take long for us to adjust to our new living situation. Even though we used to live in a more spacious home, we embraced the idea of living in a much smaller space open-heartedly and took that into consideration when we picked our furniture for the apartment. It really felt like a fresh start.

However, over the months, we can’t help but accumulate a lot of stuff, including dozens of toys for our little girl. So naturally, we had to make adjustments to how we organize our things so that our tiny space won’t feel as cluttered as it really is.

One thing that I have grown to love about living in a small apartment is that I took it in as a challenge to put every piece, every furniture into its rightful and most efficient space possible. Whenever we buy something new, I consider three things: its exact placement in our home, its functionality and storage options.

Here are some of my suggested accessories that are absolute space-savers.


20 Space-Saving Hacks For A Small Apartment


 1. TANGKULA Wall Mounted Table
This foldable, wall-mounted table can double as a study desk and a dining table for two. It’s sturdy and can be easily tucked away when not in use. It can also double as a breakfast or dining table if you are living alone. If you are looking for a simpler, wall-mounted desk, this Prepac Floating Desk is also a great option!


 2. DANYA B Corner Shelving Unit
The corners of a room can be fully maximized by mounting a shelving unit. It can be used as storage, bookshelf or to display some simple decor.


Instead of a TV stand, why not just mount your flat-screen TV on the wall? It saves valuable floor space which you can use for something else. This one can also be tilted or swiveled.

 4. DELTA CHILDREN Over the Door Hanging Organizer
Another great way to use wall space (or in this case, door space) is this Over the Door Hanging Organizer that can basically hold anything.


 5. MOKO Bedside Caddy
Bedside Caddies are great for holding small items like mobile phones or books and is a great alternative when you don’t have enough space to have a proper bedside table.


6. ANJUER Valet Hook Drying Rack
An instant way to create additional clothes space, you can practically mount it anywhere you need and easily fold it up when not in use.


7. SPACESAVER Vacuum Storage Bags
Vacuum bags are great, especially for your out-of-season clothes! Think about the space in you’ll save in your closet if you have just vacuum-seeled those bulky winter coats and blankets. The best part is when you’re ready to use them, you just need to take it out and it’s still as clean as when you first put it in. No dust and no need to-rewash them.


 8. SIMPLE HOUSEWARE Hanging Organizer
This is one of my favorite organizers in our tiny closet. But instead of shoes, I use it to organize small pieces of clothing and fabric such as underwear, handkerchiefs, etc.


9. CEISPOB Multi-layer Hanger
Take advantage of the vertical space in the closet by getting a multiple layer hanger for clothing pieces or this hanger holder.

 10. JERRYBOX Makeup/Skincare Organizer
Let’s face it. No matter how tiny an apartment is, a woman cannot live without her makeup and daily skincare routine which translates into dozens of different products. This makeup organizer can hold all your makeup brushes, tons of skincare products (about 30!), small compartments and are adjustable.


11. ELEGANT HOME FASHIONS Shelved Bathroom Space Saver
Tiny bathrooms are a nightmare especially if you have tons of bath products that you just can’t live without. This bathroom space-saver fits over standard toilets and what I particularly like about it is the closed cabinets to keep the area looking neat and. If you prefer something simpler, you can also get the basic metal wire rack like this.


12. KES Swivel Towel Bar
More storage space for your towel or clothes and it can easily be folded up to the wall when not in use.


13. HOMEMAXS Magnetic Knife Holder
This is on top of my must-have kitchen fixtures for small apartments. Since I have a tiny kitchen, I do not have one of those knife blocks and instead, I invested in a couple of really good chef’s knives that I use every day. And this magnetic knife holder is the perfect way to store them without eating up valuable counter space.


14. YOUCOPIA Cookware Organizer
A more efficient way to store your pans and chopping boards is to use this rack dividers rather than stacking them up. It’s easier to see and get exactly what you need.


15. SIMPLE HOUSEWARE Over the Cabinet Door Organizer
A great way to maximize cabinet space is to use this Over the Door Organizer. You can store small sheet and muffin pans, chopping boards or even organize your aluminum foils and baking sheets in this rack.


16. SHAZO Food Storage Containers
You may think that these storage containers would just add clutter into your already tiny kitchen but these will actually do a better job in organizing your pantry, than just some random food containers or old jars and bottles. These are slim, stackable, freezer-safe, the lids are airtight and interchangeable, and can hold just about anything.


 17. MDESIGN Plastic Storage Bins
These plastic storage bins are also multi-purpose but it’s especially useful in the kitchen. organizing your pantry or refrigerator and freezer is not only pleasing to the eyes but will also help easily identify your current food stock.


18. DECOBROTHERS Shelf Organizers
This is one of my favorite shelf organizers because of the amount of extra space (and convenience) it can produce. It’s also stackable so there’s really plenty of things you can store with it. This corner shelf organizer is great too!

 19. ECOBAMBU Foldable Desk Tray
If you do not have enough space for a proper desk in your apartment, this foldable desk tray should do the trick. You can use it while you work on your laptop, read a book, write notes or even as a food tray. There’s also a drawer on the side to hold your pens and small notepads. The legs of the desk tray can also be adjusted to whatever is comfortable for you.


20. PRANDOM Storage Bins
Storage bins have different uses and I especially like those that come with a lid because that means it is stackable. I also prefer to use the plain-colored bins instead of transparent or printed ones so that it looks neat and doesn’t add to the clutter.


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