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23 Must-Have Travel Accessories (That You’ll Actually Use!)

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I wish I could be one of those people who travel light, but I’ll be honest, there are some things that I just can’t leave home without. Travel, no matter how exciting, will at some point be difficult. You’re basically living out of a suitcase.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things available in the market now that can make our travels more comfortable. This list suggests things that will keep you organized plus some really useful accessories that will help you enjoy your trip even more.

23 Must-Have Travel Accessories (That You’ll Actually Use!)


1. ZOPPEN Multi-purpose Travel Wallet
This travel wallet comes in pretty colors and is large enough to fit your travel documents like passport, boarding pass, cash and credit cards.

 2. UPPEL Travel Adapter (UK/AU/US/EU)
Save yourself the worry of finding the right plug for your gadgets by getting this all-in-one travel adapter. What’s great about it is that it also has two USB ports which are handy when charging phones or pocket wifi. I also like to bring an extension cord which is great for those hard-to-reach power outlets


3. Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh (Ultra High Capacity Power Bank)
Never have to worry about running out of battery again on any of your devices with this power bank. 20100mAh can give you at the very least 8 full charges on your smartphone.


4. WANDF 18″ Foldable Duffle with Shoe Compartment
It’s always a great idea to have an extra foldable bag with you at all times when you travel. I carry one with me just in case

5. Play and Snack Travel Lap Tray for Kids Car Seat
Keep your kids entertained on long road trips by providing them with a portable table. They can do so much more with this including eating their snacks more comfortably and it should also hold all their travel-related things all in one place.


 6. COMAN Selfie Stick and Mini Tripod
A selfie stick that converts into a tripod for your smartphone is all you’ll ever need to capture those great travel moments. No more asking strangers to take your photo.


7. EBAGS Travel Packing Cubes
Packing can be such a tedious task for some people but these packing cubes can certainly help ease the stress away.


 8. TRAVELON Anti-Theft Messenger Bag
Travel safer using this slash-proof bag with hidden pockets. Comes in a variety of colors.


 9. AMERICAN TOURISTER Moonlight Spinner
Get a good hard-shelled suitcase and make sure to pick up a cover as well to protect your luggage.


 10. MAKONE Travel Toothbrush and Cup
If you prefer bringing your own toothbrush and not the disposable or travel-sized ones, this toothbrush/toothpaste holder makes it convenient and sanitary.


 11. ELVAM Camera Scarf Strap
Replace your generic camera straps with these stylish ones from Elvam.


 12. ORB Luggage Strap
Luggage straps are a great way to secure your bags especially if it’s heavy or bulky. It’ll also be easier to spot your luggage from anywhere.


 13. NENOS Children’s Headphones
What’s great about this is that it’s foldable and the volume is limited to protect your child’s ears. You’ll actually need this especially if you’re on a long-haul flight or road trip and your child prefers her iPad over the in-flight entertainment. Privacy for everyone.


 14. TARRISS Digital Travel Scale
If you’re one of those travelers who constantly worry about going over your baggage limit, then it’s time to get a travel scale. it should give you a close approximation of the baggage weight so you can transfer things around or purchase additional baggage in advance.


 15. CABEAU Memory Foam Travel Pillow
I never travel without a travel pillow. It just makes air (and even land) travel much more comfortable and easy to catch some zzzs.


 16. BLUBOON Carry-On Tote
If you’re like me who likes to maximize all my baggage allocation, this bag is perfect for you. Not only is it spacious enough to hold all your in-flight stuff, but it also has a back sleeve so that you can slip it on to your carry-on baggage handle as you make your way in the airport.


 17. HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Switch to a reusable water bottle when you travel. This is just one of the many ways to make your travel more sustainable.


18. CANON EOS Rebel Digital SLR Camera
If there’s a one thing travelers wish for, it’s a good digital camera companion for his/her travels. Canon cameras are the best so it’s worth considering investing in one.


 19. HOOTOO iPhone/iPad Flash Drive
This flash drive should solve the problem most iPhone users encounter while traveling, full memory capacity. Finally, an external memory compatible with iOS devices.


 20. HESTIA GOODS Travel Bottles
If you’re like me who likes to bring her own bath products, this is a great travel bottle set to bring.


 21. MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray
Take care of your skin and stay refreshed especially on long trips with this facial spray from Mario Badescu.


 22. SUN BUM Sunscreen Stick
I’ve only recently discovered sunscreen sticks and I’m never going back to using the regular liquid ones. This is so much more convenient to use especially when on the go.

 23. BAGGU Reusable Shopping Bag
Most major cities now charge extra for plastic bags when your grocery shop so bringing a couple of reusable bags with you when you travel is certainly convenient. But more than just saving money, you’re traveling sustainably which is what our planet needs right now.


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Happy shopping! 🛍


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